Te-Ming Paul Tseng

Assistant Professor

Specialty: Weed Physiology

Mailing Address:

Box 9555
Mississippi State, MS

Physical Address:

316 Dorman Hall
Mississippi State, MS


Phone: (662) 325-4725

Research/Extension Assignments:

  • Research program focused on cell and molecular biology, genetics, and physiology of weeds
  • Identifying molecular mechanisms of resistance to various herbicide mode of action
  • Studying the evolution and physiological characterization of herbicide-resistant weed species
  • Characterizing the genetic basis of competitive traits in weeds

Teaching Assignments:

  • PSS 4633/6633 Weed Biology and Ecology
  • PSS 8724 Herbicide Physiology and Biochemistry


Bevilacqua, C. B., S. Basu, A. Pereira, A., T.-M. Tseng, P. D. Zimmer, N. R. Burgos. 2015. Analysis of Stress-Responsive Gene Expression in Cultivated and Weedy Rice Differing in Cold Stress Tolerance. PloS one 10(7): e0132100. Download