Apply for Graduate Studies

Are you interested in becoming a graduate student in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences? If so, please follow the official application process as described below.


  1. Applicants wishing to pursue graduate study in Plant and Soil Sciences must take the General GRE (Graduate Requirement Examination). See for details.
  2. Students from nations in which English is not the primary spoken/written language are required to take the TOEFL (Testing for English as a Foreign Language) Exams. Information on the TOEFL exam can be obtained at
  3. Once the GRE (and TOEFL exam, if applicable) has been taken, go to the Mississippi State Office of Graduate Studies website ( and apply online.
  4. When asked for the Major Field of Study, you must enter Plant Science, Soil Science, Agronomy, and/or Horticulture in the blank. This does not mean that you will be obliged to do agronomy or horticulture research, but it will ensure that the application is directed to the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences.
  5. Immediately next to the “Major Field” line is the “Subspecialty” line.

    Subspecialty (minor): ________________________

    If you would like to work with a specific faculty member or with a subset of faculty members, enter a subspecialty term that describes their research (e.g. turfgrass, remote sensing, biomass crops, floristry, genomics, etc.). To be extra-sure that your application is sent to a faculty member with whom you wish to work, express this wish in your application background/objectives statement.
  6. You can choose to apply to either a “Masters of Science” (M.S.) or “Doctor of Philosophy” (Ph.D.) programs.