David J. Lang

David J. Lang


Agronomy - Forage and Pasture Crops

Mailing Address:
Box 9555
Mississippi State, MS 39762
Physical Address:
320 Dorman Hall
Mississippi State, MS 39762
Research/Extension Assignments:
  • Evaluate establishment of forage systems without tillage
  • Persistence and productivity of improved native and introduced grasses and legumes under grazing and in clipping trials
  • Evaluation of revegetation success of reclaimed soil at a nearby surface lignite mine

  • Ph.D., University of New Hampshire
  • M.S., University of Maine
  • B.A., Gordon College
  • A.A.S., Essex Agricultural & Technical Institute

  • PSS 4103/6103 Forage and Pasture Crops
  • PSS 8103 Pasture Development
  • PSS 8123 Crop Ecology
  • PSS 8811/8821/8831 Graduate Seminar

Society Membership:
  • American Society of Agronomy
  • Crop Science Society of America
  • American Forage and Grassland Council
  • Soil and Water Conservation Society
  • Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Society
  • Mississippi Society of Agronomy
  • Southern Pasture and Forage Improvement
  • Mississippi Forage and Grassland Council (Inaugural President)
  • Rangeland Society of America

Recognitions and Awards:
  • 2012 Merit Award, American Forage and Grassland Council


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