Edilberto D. Redoña

Edilberto D. Redoña

Research Professor

Agronomy - Plant Breeding

Mailing Address:
Delta Research and Extension Center
P O Box 197
Stoneville, MS 38776
Physical Address:
Delta Research and Extension Center
82 Stoneville Road
Stoneville, MS 38776
Research/Extension Assignments:
  • Development of improved long-grain rice varieties for plant type, grain yield potential, disease resistance, grain quality traits and milling yields, and including those with imidazolinone herbicide resistance.
  • Utilizing and researching breeding methods, including molecular breeding.
  • Understanding the genetic basis of key traits in rice.

  • Ph.D., University of California, Davis
  • M.S., University of California, Davis
  • M.S., University of the Philippines Los Baños
  • B.S., Silliman University

Society Membership:
  • Crop Science Society of America
  • Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society of Agriculture
  • National Research Council of the Philippines
  • Phi Sigma Biological Science Honor Society
  • Philippine-American Academy for Science and Engineering
  • Society for the Advancement of Breeding Researches in Asia and Oceania (SABRAO)
  • The Asia Rice Foundation
  • US National Association of Plant Breeders
  • US Rice Technical Working Group


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