Richard Harkess

Richard Harkess

Undergraduate Coordinator

Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture

Mailing Address:
Box 9555
Mississippi State, MS 39762
Physical Address:
142A Dorman Hall
Mississippi State, MS 39762
Research/Extension Assignments:
  • Greenhouse and woody ornamental plants
  • flowering
  • New crop development
  • New production technology

  • Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • M.S., Colorado State University
  • B.S., University of Minnesota

  • PSS 3433 Horticulture Internship
  • PSS 4363 Nursery Management
  • PSS 4613 Floral Crop Programming
  • PSS 8553 Plant Growth and Development

Society Membership:
  • American Society for Horticultural Science
  • American Society for Horticultural Science - Southern Region
  • American Orchid Society
  • Botanical Society of America - since 1996
  • Gamma Sigma Delta (Agriculture Honor Society)
  • International Working Group on Flowering
  • Mississippi Nursery and Landscape Association
  • Pi Alpha Xi (Honor Society for Floriculture/Ornamental Horticulture)
  • Society of American Florists


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