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William Kingery

William Kingery


Agronomy - Soil Ecology

Mailing Address:
Box 9555
Mississippi State, MS 39762
Mailing Address:
456 Dorman Hall
Mississippi State, MS 39762
  • Ph.D., Auburn University
  • M.S., Louisiana State University
  • B.S., Louisiana State University

  • PSS 4314/6314 Microbiology and Ecology of Soil
  • PSS 4333/6333 Soil Conservation


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  • Shanmugam, S.,G., Z. V. Magbanua, M. A. Williams, K. Jangid, W. B. Whitman, D. G. Peterson, W. L. Kingery. 2016. Bacterial diversity patterns differ in soils developing in sub-tropical and cool-temperate ecosystems. Microbial Ecology 73(3):556-569. Download
  • Curtis, J.H., W.L. Kingery, M.S. Cox, Z. Liu. 2010. Distribution and dynamics of phosphorus in an agricultural watershed with a long-term history of poultry waste application. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 41(17):2057-2074. Download
  • Liu, Z., N.B. Hashim, W.L. Kingery, D.H. Huddleston. 2010. Fecal coliform modeling under two flow scenarios in St. Louis Bay of Mississippi. Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A 45(3):282-291. Download
  • Clapp, C. E., M. H. B. Hayes, A. J. Simpson, W. L. Kingery. 2005. Chemistry of Soil Organic Matter. Pages 1-150 in M.A. Tabatabai and D.L. Sparks (Eds.). Chemical Processes in Soils. Soil Science Society of America Book Series, no. 8. Madison, WI. Download
  • Han, F. X., W. L. Kingery, H. M. Selim, P. D. Gerard, M. S. Cox, J. L. Oldham. 2004. Arsenic solubility and distribution in poultry waste and long-term amended soil. Science of the Total Environment 320:51-61. Download
  • Kelleher, B. P., K. Willeford, A. J. Simpson, M. J. Simpson, R. Stout, A. Rafferty, W. L. Kingery. 2004. Acid phosphatase interactions with organo-mineral complexes: Influence on catalytic activity. Biogeochemistry 71:285-297. Download
  • Kelleher, B. P., S. F. Oppenheimer, F. X. Han, K. O. Willeford, M. J. Simpson, A. J. Simpson, W.L. Kingery. 2003. Dynamical systems and phase plane analysis of protease-clay interactions. Langmuir 19:9411-9417. Download
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