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Daniel Reynolds

Daniel Reynolds

Edgar E. and Winifred B. Hartwig Endowed Chair in Soybean Agronomy

Weed Science

Mailing Address:
Box 9555
Mississippi State, MS 39762
Mailing Address:
314 Dorman Hall
Mississippi State, MS 39762
Recognitions and Awards:
  • 2012 Weed Scientist of the Year, Southern Weed Science Society of America


  • Cundiff, G. T., D. B. Reynolds, T. C. Mueller. 2017. Evaluation of dicamba persistance among various agricultural hose types and cleanout procedures using soybean (glycine max merr.) as a bio-indicator. Weed Science 65(2):305-316.\ Download
  • Czarnecki, J., S. Samiappan, L. L. Wasson, J. D. McCurdy, D. B. Reynolds, W. P. Williams, R. J. Moorhead. 2017. Applications of Unmanned aerial vehicles in weed science. Advances in Animal Biosciences 8(2):807-811. Download
  • Irby, T., D.M. Dodds, D.B. Reynolds, C.L. Main, T. Barber, K.L. Smith, and A.M. Stewart. 2013. Evaluation of GlyTol and GlyTol+LibertyLink Cotton in the Mid-South. Journal of Cotton Science, Vol. 17(2):131-139. Download
  • Dodds, D.M., D.B. Reynolds, J.A. Huff, T. Irby. 2010. Effect of pendimethalin formulation and application rate on cotton fruit partitioning. Weed Technology 24(2):77-84. Download
  • Huff, J.A., D.B. Reynolds, D.M. Dodds, T. Irby. 2010. Glyphosate tolerance in enhanced glyphosate-resistant cotton (Gossypium hirustum). Weed Technology 24(3):289-294. Download
  • Huff, J.A., D.M. Dodds, T. Irby, D.B. Reynolds. 2010. Effect of glyphosate on fruit partitioning in early and late maturing Bollgard II/Roundup Ready Flex cotton varieties. Journal of Cotton Science 14:46-52. Download
  • Dodds, D.M., T. Kirkpatrick, T. Barber, D.B. Reynolds. 2008. Evaluation of trifloxysulfuron plus prometryn for weed control in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.). Journal of Cotton Science 12:311-317. Download
  • Eubank, T.W., D.H. Poston, V.K. Nandula, C.H. Koger, III, D.R. Shaw, D.B. Reynolds. 2008. Glyphosate-resistant horseweed (Conyza canadensis) control using glyphosate-, paraquat-, and glufosinate-based herbicide programs. Weed Technology 22(1):16-21. Download
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  • Buehring, N.W., J.H. Massey, D.B. Reynolds. 2007. Shikimic acid accumulation in field-grown corn (Zea Mays) following simulated glyphosate drift. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 55(3):819-824. Download
  • Koger III, C.H., D.M. Dodds, D.B. Reynolds. 2007. Effect of adjuvants and urea ammonium nitrate on bispyribac efficacy, absorption, and translocation in Barnyardgrass (Echinochloa crus-galli) I. Efficacy, rainfastness, and soil moisture. Weed Science 55(5):399-405. Download
  • Cox, M.S., P.D. Gerard, D.B. Reynolds. 2005. Selected soil property variability and their relationships with cotton yield. Soil Science 170(11):928-937. Download