Student Organizations

Agronomy Club

The Agronomy Club at Mississippi State promotes networking opportuniities among agronomists and students with in the Southern U.S.

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Horticulture Club

The MSU Horticulture Club offers interested students the opportunity to further their horticultural education in an informal, fun, and competitive manner. Club activities include community service projects, plant sales, trade shows, competition at regional and national meetings, and trips. Through identification and judging of plant materials, students have the opportunity to travel and bring recognition to themselves, and the university.

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Student American Institute of Floral Design

The Student American Institute of Floral Design instills professionalism in Floral Management.

Turf Club

The Mississippi State Turf Club's objectives are to provide community outreach service, promote interaction between students, faculty, and industry, and to promote friendship and fellowship among turfgrass majors.

CALS Ambassadors

The CALS Ambassadors are a select group of students representing all departments within our college. Ambassadors are selected after submitting an application and attending an interview. Meetings are held every two weeks on Wednesday evenings, and responsibilities vary depending on the needs of the college. Some examples of activities that Ambassadors participate in include the CALS Alumni Breakfast, on campus recruiting events, and CALS day. New and exciting activities are added every semester based on the interests of the current Ambassadors. The Ambassadors receive a class credit of one hour when their class requirements are met. It is a terrific opportunity for sophomores, juniors, and seniors to get involved in many aspects of recruiting and marketing for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Contact: Taylor Campbell

Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences

MANRRS is a student organization aimed to promote the inclusion of ethnic and cultural groups that are under represented in agricultural and natural resources and related fields in all phases of career preparation and participation.

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